How to Start a Concrete Cleaning Service Company in 2008

Let’s say that the current economic conditions and recession are killing your local small business and business failure is inevitable or let’s say you have just been laid off from your very good corporate job, or assume you soon will be (the writing is on the wall). You are about at wits end and are considering starting a new business. You realize that you do not want to start a business in which you have to sign a 5-10 year lease for a building and you are considering a mobile service type business, what type of business should you choose?Well, perhaps the cleaning business is right for you? There are many types of cleaning businesses you might consider, and there are also several franchises available if you decide to go that route. But in this article I wanted to give you information about the concrete cleaning business. In the pressure washing business service sector we call this; Flat Work. Why? Well, as the name suggests concrete is flat.What Equipment will be Required?First, you will need a hot-water pressure washer, several hundred feet of high pressure hose and a hydro-twister type cleaning unit. A hydro-Twister is a tool that concrete cleaners use that looks like a lawn mower, but has a spinning pressure washer wand system underneath, it cleans the concrete evening without leaving Zebra stripes from moving a pressure washer wand back and forth.Next, you might consider putting all this equipment on a trailer with a large water tank and a fill up hose system. I also recommend a set of storm drain blockers to comply with environmental standards and perhaps a waste water run-off collection tank. If you go with a trailer system you will need a strong truck to tow the entire system.You will also need business cards, flyers and brochures and expect to do a good amount of personal selling to commercial real estate firms, HOAs and large companies. I wish you well in your efforts to explore this possibility. You might also consider the deck washing business, house cleaning business and truck cleaning sector.